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Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Social Media

It’s easy to get hung up on having to do everything within your business, especially at the start up stage. However, sometimes business owners go too far the other way, and outsource the wrong things to others. Your brand and voice are unique to your business. If you outsource your social media content, it can lose its authenticity, spontaneity and ultimately, customers could lose sight of who you are. 

Outsourcing content for your publications, articles, even your website is entirely different and is undoubtedly effective if you are short on writing talent or time. Content marketing Is essential to keep your business in the spotlight; however, you don’t need the same spontaneity or personal interaction that is required to win on social media. Social media content must authentically interact with readers and prospective buyers in a natural and relaxed manner that only you can achieve.

Losing sight of opinion

No matter how well you believe your outsourced social media to be, it will never be as responsive or personal as it really demands if you don’t run it yourself. Handing over the management of your account to someone else may well mean you miss valuable opportunities to reply, interact and gauge the opinion of those that look and follow you. It is your chance to show a little side of yourself that they can relate to. Showing personality in your social media interactions will build your story, brand trust and allow engagement with your audience. 

Snap decisions

The ability to respond and make decisions is yours. A post or reply by you always looks better than a planned managed post by a social media manager. You can decide what you agree to, how you reply and make decisions that fit what you want to do or achieve. Yes, you may say that a social media manager can do the same, but it will never be the spontaneous expression that comes from you.

The face to the voice

Social media content should be a relaxed, spontaneous insight into your story and part of that is your personality shining through in your posts, seeing the reactions and interactions. It has to show your personality. It is easy to lose touch if you don’t do the posting and you can quickly lose your way. A social media team will never brave the same wit or snappy banter that you can. If in public you are very different to your social media voice, it will be noticed. No matter how good your account manager is, they will never mimic you as well as you. Misaligned vision, voice and goals will creep in. 

The most effective social media is personally engaging

Social media thrives on engagement. Your interactions, comment posts and should build your story.  Spontaneous interactions, what you disclose and when or how you do it, are decisions only you can make. No one can completely mimic your words or thoughts to respond to insights precisely as you would, but your social media is one area that must shout you. Missing the chance to pursue current discussions, answer questions, or respond to complaints and compliments yourself is an opportunity you are missing. Only you know how much you really want to show.

We know time is often in short supply, but this is one area worth hanging onto. To outsource social media, is to outsource the very essence of your business after all.

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